Sun Fai first started the business with the brand name of Luen Ming in 1978. Initially, Luen Ming focuses on the design and production of power supply cord products with both UL and CUL approvals for the U.S. and Canadian markets and CNS approval for Taiwanese market. Luen Ming has been accredited to ISO9001 by UL since 1996.

Established since 1987, Sun Fai Industrial Co. (Sun Fai) specializes in the design and production of power supply cords and cord sets. Sun Fai has a wide range of international approval standards including, VDE, NEMKO, SEMKO, DEMKO, FIMKO, KEMA, CEBEC, IMQ, OVE, SEV, NF-USE, CCC, SAA, IRAM, etc, with a total of 27 approvals. These enable Sun Fai to provide power supply cords globally and to provide the full range of support to our clients. Sun Fai has also been accredited to ISO9001 certification since 1994 by ASTA, UK. In 2008, Sun Fai has successfully obtained the ISO14000 certification.


In 2008, Sun Fai and Luen Ming successfully combined into a centralized and fully integrated production plant. From copper wire drawing to the final assembly of power cord, all production processes are completed in-house. In addition to our accumulated experience and wide range of products, Sun Fai aims to provide a one-stop service to fulfill our clients’ needs.

With the full integration in design and production, we therefore have the supervision of the entire process and are able to achieve the “Prevention Oriented” approach in each product development lifecycle. A stringent quality system has been implemented in each production process to ensure the quality, one of our core values in our commitment to the customers.







Established Luen Ming in Hong Kong
The factory of Luen Ming was moved to China
Established Sun Fai in Hong Kong
Set up the factory of Sun Fai in China
Obtained ISO9001 issued by ASTA
Obtained ISO9001 issued by UL
ROHS compliance in all aspects of production
Combined the production plant of Luen Ming and Sun Fai into one. The brand of Luen Ming and Sun Fai remain for the USA market, an European & other countries respectively
Obtained ISO14001 issued by SGS. Vertically integrated the cable production process, which complete the entire cable production process in plant, starting from the copper drawing process to the cable assembly step
Extended product range including Rubber,
Textile and PVC cables
Obtained the ISO17025 CNAS certification for
the Laboratory
Extended product range including to EPDM,
Silicone tube and PV wire.


It is well understood about the importance of our products’ quality and safety to our branded clients. Therefore, we have implemented the “Prevention Oriented Approach” which we have quality control from our preliminary assessment of customer project inputs to quality assurance of our final deliverables. In order to meet our high standard of quality control and assurance, Sun Fai has invested in a number of state-of-the-art testing equipment with high accuracy in our laboratory. Our laboratory has obtained the CNAS certification which certifies it as a nationally recognized qualified laboratory. This well demonstrates that Sun Fai targets to supply with the finest and superior quality assurance to our clients.

Throughout the 34 years of operational experience, Sun Fai has accumulated know-how and expertise in power cord development and production, and we also have a great team with talent and full dedication. In order to maintain a good reputation in manufacturing power supply cords with quality and reliability, Sun Fai has been continuously developing semi and full automation production processes to enhance a higher efficiency and competitiveness.


  In order to fulfill the demand of our worldwide clients, we have been continuously broadening our approval coverage. Currently we have possessed 27 countries' approvals in total. We are planning to further strengthen our approval base which can provide all types of power cords to suit our clients' needs. Moreover, we are capable of obtaining the approvals for the customized products that we design and develop with each of our client. Sun Fai offers an all rounded service including, design, development, approval application, testing and manufacturing, which we work together with the client from the beginning to the success of the product, aiming to provide a one stop service to all of our clients.    


  Due to the raising concern on the importance of green environment, Sun Fai has devoted efforts to make the contribution to protect and save the environment for our next generation. We have been continuously working to be a environmental friendly manufacturer and we are proud to announce that Sun Fai has been certified as a green partner of Sony Corporation since 2003.

Sun Fai aims to stand on the frontline of the changing world. We have been constantly upgrading our knowledge, testing equipment and quality system which enhance product confidence to clients. Sun Fai is in no doubt with full compliance of RoHS and REACH standard. We promise and are prepared to stay ahead of the change to keep our clients at the edge of the first-hand environmental protection information.

As a commitment to our living environment and next generation, we would continuously focus on environmental friendly product development and production. Being a responsible corporate citizen, we shall minimize the pollution and disposal of production waste in the manufacturing process, and strive for excellence in every aspect of premium production without scarifying our lovely environment.



  Innovative and brilliant designs are dually built with our clients, which is a remarkable signature of Sun Fai.
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Sun Fai has expanded the range of cables from PVC to Rubber since 2008. To facilitate the expansion on rubber cable, new production buildings are constructed to meet different production requirements. Several subject matter experts have been recruited to focus on our research and development of rubber and new material. Equipped with PVC and rubber availability, Sun Fai is all-rounded to bring full-categorized product satisfaction in the cable industry to our global clients.

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